About the ChoicefulChange Process


It starts with a committed partnership between consultant and client. Of course, you’re the one who ultimately decides which career path you take; my role is to provide the knowledge, best practices and guidance you need to make sure you achieve your goals.

Through a holistic narrative approach, I will help you determine your strengths, clearly understand your career options and make strategic choices that will lead to the most rewarding work. At the same time, I will guide you through your job search with effective tools and resources that produce strong results.

The ChoicefulChange process incorporates:

  1. Understanding and clarifying what you hope to change in your career.
  2. Envisioning future possibilities for change.
  3. Evaluating individual strengths and weaknesses, in light of the market situation; accentuating your strengths while translating weaknesses into opportunities.
  4. Creating a list of alternatives; generating short, medium and long-term goals.
  5. Developing a plan of action, using proven job search resources and techniques (research, networking, resume writing, Linkedin profile creation, interview coaching)
  6. Building self-sufficiency for ongoing management of change and transition.
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