The ChoicefulChange Quiz


Take a few moments to read the statements below. If you answer NO to more than five, consider choosing your own adventure with the support of ChoicefulChange Career Transition Services.

Career Satisfaction:

  • I get up most mornings enthusiastic about my work.
  • I enjoy my work environment (culture, people, physical space, etc.).
  • My current professional role plays to my strengths.
  • My work is in sync with my personal values.
  • I am satisfied with my work/non-work balance.
  • I am in a role that provides me with opportunities for advancement.
  • I am developing new expertise and increasing my accomplishments on a regular basis.

Job Search Skills:

  • I can articulate ten personal accomplishments relevant to a job I am seeking.
  • My resume is current, and focused on specific accomplishments.
  • I have a short “personal marketing statement” that I can comfortably deliver.
  • I have prepared examples of power stories that highlight my strengths.
  • I have anticipated and practiced tough interview questions out loud.
  • I have effectively built a network and am using it to support my job search.
  • I have a current portfolio that highlights my professional accomplishments.
  • I can write concise and compelling cover letters for the jobs I want.
  • I have a weekly job search strategy.

Did you answer no to more than five?

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