Career Transition Consulting Sessions and Packages

Choose from a range of options designed to fit your needs. Sessions are typically one hour: via Zoom, in person or by phone.

Hourly Consulting Sessions:

Ideal for individuals who have a specific career question and limited time.

Consulting Packages:

Will give you an in-depth, structured process with regular follow-up and feedback.

Career Check-up (five hours):

Ideal if you are entering the job market, returning to the job market, or going through career changes and already have some possibilities in mind.

Focus on: clarifying goals, further exploring and prioritizing options, researching and planning your job search (networking, resume/Linkedin profile writing, interviewing) and decision-making

Holistic Career Exploration: (eight hours):

A helpful approach if you are considering major life changes such as becoming an entrepreneur, returning to school, completely changing fields or taking early retirement.

Focus on: assessing strengths, interests, assets, values and possibilities via a narrative approach, identifying options for change, researching and planning for change, creating and implementing an action plan

Interview coaching (customized packages based on interview needs):

Helpful when you need “just-in-time” interview coaching as part of your active job search. Includes initial consultation, review of job postings and portfolios, creation of role-specific interview questions, mock interview with feedback, interview tips and strategies, and a post-interview follow up.

Focus on: highlighting accomplishments and results, addressing weaknesses, developing skillful responses to a range of interview questions and styles

Contact me for further pricing details

Payments can be made through electronic money transfer, cash or personal cheque.

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