I am a member of the Dancer Transition Resource Centre and was fortunate enough to be connected with Iris. We worked on career counselling together but it was so much more than that. Iris was able to help me discover my qualities and skills that make me special. This truly helped me build my confidence in my own abilities. She was a sounding board and was able to guide me through my transition from being a professional dancer to being a student occupational therapist. She was able to help me recognize the transferable skills that I could apply not only to other fields but in life as well. Her organization, professionalism, personable nature and attentiveness was much appreciated and I would highly recommend her services as you are working through a career change or transition.”

Kathleen Legassick, Toronto

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Iris in relation to her service to the Munk School of Global Affairs, where she offers a range of professional development workshops to our Master of Global Affairs Students. Iris is an outstanding presenter, and provides incisive reflections on the most current career strategies with clarity, warmth, and good humour. She is a joy to work with, and her impact on our students is transformative. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking to boost or change their career direction.”

Sarah Namer, Coordinator, Global Internships, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, U of T, Toronto

“Working with Iris allowed me to identify what changes would bring me job satisfaction, and to explore whether a career change would be the right choice for me. Her guided exercises pushed me to organize the scattered thoughts I was having around a potential career change, as well as allowed me to receive invaluable feedback from my network. What I have learned about myself has been extremely useful and I would highly recommend Iris to others considering a career change!”

Lindsey, Toronto

“My business partners and I made the decision to close down our profitable business ahead of a downturn in our sector. This decision allowed me to examine my future career options, and it became clear that my review would be deeper and more productive if I had help. I engaged Iris to help me extract key elements from my working life, challenge me to identify and define my goals and prepare me for the task ahead.

I found Iris a joy to work with. She works in partnership and is very structured in gathering relevant information and identifying important trends and elements. She makes you want to do your homework with the obvious benefit that you are invested in the outcome and have a plan you have crafted at the end of the process.

I highly recommend Iris to anyone in a career transition or just starting out and needing clarification about what they should be doing.”

 Paul Bradley, Toronto

“Working with Iris was transformative for me. In a very short amount of time working with Iris, I was able to make some deliberate choices on my career. She is very practical and she guided me through the process so I could get clear on what I really wanted, what I had to offer and what were the priorities for me. The whole experience was very empowering and gave me a huge boost to my confidence. I recommend Iris very highly.”

Sarah Calderwood, President, Sterling Marketing & Communication, Toronto

“I connected with Iris as an experienced career professional to deliver an advanced workshop on job interviews, as well as individual career advising sessions for my students in a professional masters program. Iris thoroughly exceeded my expectations, delivering exceptional service and connecting with the students on a personal level. I will definitely bring her back again and would recommend her to any person or organization interested in career services!”

 Essyn Emurla, Associate Director, Centre for Professional Skills, Rotman Commerce, U of T, Toronto

“I cannot thank you enough for all of your help, advice and support over the past three months. I am so happy I had you to guide me through my career transition. In just a short period of time I have become a more confident person who is aware of my own skills and how I can add value as an employee. I couldn’t have gotten this far without you! Thank you for helping me realize my potential.”

 Erin, Toronto

“Experiencing your passion reminds me that as I go through this transition I need to find the career that will generate that same kind of excitement in me. Based on our workshops together and our one-to-one meetings, I think you are a truly wonderful career consultant.”

 Laura, Toronto

“When our team of financial professionals needed an expert to help us design and lead a client seminar about personal networking skills, we turned to Iris. That was a smart decision.
Iris created and facilitated a stimulating, educational and fun two-hour program for a select group of twenty-something and thirty-something career-oriented up-and-comers. Her networking skills program generated some of the best feedback we ever received from our ongoing “Lessons in Life” client seminar series.”

 Stanley Tepner, CPA, CA, MBA, CFP, TEP, Toronto

“As part of my volunteer work for Scala for Women, I approached Iris to lead a panel discussion for a recent event focused on career transitions. Iris did a masterful job of leading the discussion. Her expertise in the subject area was obvious as she deftly drew out the panelists’ stories and made connections between their experiences and the broader themes common to the process of making career changes. If you’re looking for someone who is highly intelligent and intuitive, with a depth and breadth of experience and who is a true professional as well as a pleasure to work with – look no further!”

Susan Oliver, VP Human Resources and Administration, Environics Analytics, Toronto

“Iris was supportive and insightful throughout my job search. Working with her helped me to understand what I was looking for in a career, and to sharpen my job-seeking skills. Together we improved my resume and my interview preparation immeasurably, giving me the confidence that I was on the right track. Iris’ enthusiasm for the process was infectious, and I was constantly impressed with her professionalism and depth of knowledge.”

 Stephen, Toronto

“Setting timelines and expectations helped me to consistently move forward toward a goal. I now have more immediate clarity to the issues and activities I have been thinking about for a long time. Iris, you are a fantastic career counsellor, helping clients find their paths into the future.”

 Mark, Toronto

“Iris is a sharp, bright, talented person. I know she will make a huge impact and inspire many with her guidance, skill and know-how.”

 Elizabeth Lengyel, Career Strategist, Radio Host & Conestoga College Faculty

“Iris’s concise writing style produces résumés that speak to an individual’s strengths and provides evidence in a clear, easy to read and understand format. Statements are results and achievement focused. She synthesizes information into a document that addresses the alignment between an employee offering and solution for the employer.”

— Irene Zimmerman CMF, Senior Consultant, KWA Partners OPTIMUM TALENT

“Iris, by sharing your sample S-ituation, O-bstacles, A-ction, R-esults (SOAR) stories, you develop an instant rapport with your audience, creating a safe and participative environment for sharing professional accomplishments in a tele-class. Your style is very inclusive and it is clear you are a seasoned facilitator, as evidenced from participant feedback.”

 Rosanne Burdett, Consultant, KWA Partners OPTIMUM TALENT

“Iris has vast experience in career planning – both managing her own career, as well as helping many clients establish formal structures for employee career pathing. This experience, combined with a genuine passion to help others and an exceptional ability to connect quickly with them, positions her as an outstanding career consultant.”

— Lynne Gallacher, Senior Vice President, Organizational Excellence Solutions, HORN

“As an influential force at HORN, Iris demonstrated meaningful leadership in several distinct areas: (1) an impressive ability to connect with senior executives at all levels of an organization; (2) leveraging her experience to hone in on a client’s most salient gaps and opportunities; and (3) consistently creating visceral learning experiences that cause real change to occur.”

 Graham Kaufmann, Vice President – Coaching & Facilitation, HORN

“Iris measurably increased the capabilities of our Administrator and her staff via a blend of mentorship, coaching and pragmatic business skills. On the leadership team, she applied strategic thinking, marketing know-how, facilitation skills, creative problem-solving, outstanding dedication and discipline to make a noticeable impact.”

 Lisa Charendoff, Past President, Congregation Darchei Noam

“What stands out for me is Iris’ tremendous ability to build self-esteem and keep her eye on the longer term: building a strong and resilient individual. I’ve learned and respected so many things from, and about, Iris. She is one of the best people I’ve worked with in my entire career.”

 Catherine McIntyre, Coach and Consultant, CAM Consulting Services

“Iris possesses the unique ability to connect deeply with people and quickly obtain keen insights into their personalities. This has enabled her to teach and mentor people based on their individual needs and challenges. Iris will be a wonderful source of inspiration and support to any client going through career transition.”

 Joshua Levi, Director of Data Analytics, The DATA Group of Companies

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